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If you have been in the fitness industry for longer than 12 seconds, there is a celebrated name who made her mark as an IFBB Figure Pro athlete.

Her name is Felicia Romero and has been the leading IFBB figure pro athlete garnering numerous awards and magazine covers from Train for Women Magazine to the venerated women's magazine Oxygen.  Then she disappears from the public eye.  Retires from the competition circuit and she fades from the public sphere.

Then a new phenomenon occurs in Gilbert, AZ.  A brand new gym opens.  But it's not a gym, it's something different.  Something new and untested but also effective and the results show in the clientele.  People are losing fat by the pounds!  Inches are carved out and the number of smiles going in and out of that place is staggering.  If you dig in further, you'll see Felicia.  Not as a competitor but as an entrepreneur, business owner, looking healthier and happier than before.  Still a fitness and health advocate but with the means to motivate others to do so.

And she has a story to tell and the reason for FR Fit Method.  If you listen to her battles and the war she fought, you'll realize that it's more than just looking good, it's feel good, it's being healthy vs acting healthy, its changing the way we view fitness and it's working.

Nestled in sunny Gilbert Arizona near metropolitan Phoenix, surrounded by the desert mesas and U of Az, it's a small place that's creating big waves!

Circuit training is key with this place.  They use bosu balls, TRX bands, spin cycles, and some weights in order to melt the fat off you and help you live healthier and ultimately, happier!

For the most part, I really loved this gym and the only reason I'm not still there is because I have a 4.5 month old who isn't on a consistent feeding schedule yet and a body that can't do all of the workouts due to that whole 4.5 month old thing. That being said, I loved the spin classes. The day care was fantastic and I loved working with Julie. All the trainers except one were super friendly and understanding of the fact that I was recovering from having a baby. At least three of them were also young moms so if you are looking for a place that will push you but also understand the post partum recovery process, this is a great studio. The workouts are very fast paced and if you have no clue what you are doing, you'll probably feel lost. I used to workout at FunkFit and if you are knew to group fit classes, personally I think that's the better place for you. If you know what you are doing though and just need the extra motivation from an instructor and want to burn a ton of calories in 45 minutes, then this is a great gym. I did notice that there were minimal guys in the night classes and I wish they had heavier kettlebells for some of the exercises.
Smart Fit Reviews

Well I have certainly been to a lot of gyms. I have tried a lot of diets. I have ordered probably six separate sets of DVDs of guys with chiseled abs, and women with spring break bodies telling me that in just 10 minutes per day, I too can look like them....

This is definitely not that.

Felicia is in great shape, has a great attitude, and can size up your potential in about five minutes.

When I showed up for my first class, we did not use any weights over 12 pounds. It was all bodyweight. Squats and lunges and arm raises a little bit of core. It's the next day, and I can definitely feel it in all of my body parts. We will for sure go back. 

It's just a really great gym with a staff of professionals, mostly women numbers, free daycare, and you definitely feel like you had a positive experience when you leave.
Smart Fit Reviews

I rarely wish that I lived in the East Valley, but Felicia Romero's Fit Method is one place that I wish was closer. The owner, Felicia Romero, is a nationally known fitness competitor and celebrity, but she's also one of the nicest, most down-to-earth, people that I have ever met. She is always motivational and encouraging and takes the time to interact with everyone. In addition, she's surrounded herself with an excellent group of instructors and staff. They even have childcare so that parents can make it to the gym. If you can't get motivated to work out and get in shape here, I'm not sure what you can do. Highly, highly recommended!

I love this gym. They are so friendly and helpful to explain want classes they have to offer. I need a different way of working besides going to a regular boring gym. They offer so many different classes and  the trainers are their to help you . Fit Method deserves 5 stars .....
Smart Fit Reviews

I started with a Groupon for Fit Method and I am hooked! The classes are amazing and the staff couldn't be more welcoming or friendly. I have been going to the gym for the past 7 years and after an injury I found myself no longer motivated and I lacked the desire to go back and "push weights". Fit Method was just the fit I was looking for. I find myself looking forward to going even though I know I will leave exhausted and sweaty. My favorite classes are the TRX classes. Its fast, fun and hard work, but it's only 30 mins and let's face it, EVERYONE can fit 30 mins into their day a few days a week.

I was referred to Fit Method by a friend. I took a free class that was weight and cardio training I immediately made several
Friends within the first week and was hooked. I signed up for their Red Package that includes unlimited classes and meal planning/coaching.  I have lost 10 pounds in five weeks and am already seeing muscle definition.  Their prices are reasonable for the value of the service they provide. They aren't stuck with one type of class like Orange Theory and they aren't super expensive like Lifetime Fitness is. They also provide daycare and children yoga, functional and fitness classes. What a great way to help teach your kids good health and eating habits early on so they live a healthy life! I refer all of my friends and family here and love being a part of this group. 

Come try them out, you will be hooked too! Stop waiting to see results. Get in to a place that motivates you and guarantees results!
Smart Fit Reviews