5 celebrity fitness looks to go to the gym


Do you like fashion? Do not know how to dress when you go to exercise? Do you feel that you lose all the glamor when you go to the gym? Do not worry! We offer you 5 sports looks that use the celebrities plus top, to inspire you and create your own style.

Fashion is everywhere and the gym is no exception, retaining the distinction and class is important, but remember that it has to go hand in hand with comfort, so you can move freely when you practice your routines.

If you are one of those who do not want to give up looking good, when you go out to practice your favorite discipline, you will surely fall in love with the looks that we will present next.

Taylor Swift

Taylor's look can be summarized as follows: water tones from head to toe. A perfect mix between the bluish tone of their leggings and sports top, accompanied by a white basic shirt. A very glam detail, sunglasses and a shoulder bag, the perfect and chic complement of her.

 Taylor Swift look

Emma Watson

This outfit is more than interesting, The low waist leggings accentuate the narrow waist of the beautiful and simple Emma Watson. The pink colored top and the gray tennis shoes make a very balanced outfit. She did not forget to include a sweater, to avoid that after the practice she can catch the cold.


Ashley Tisdale

Celebrities no longer use sports bags to train , that is completely out. And Ashley Tisdale is not the exception, as a whole girl, she has a black bag where she will surely have everything. From, a bottle of water, towel, gym gloves and many other things. Sunglasses is definitely a must.


Kendall Jenner

Top model Kendall Jenner, has us accustomed to unique and perfect looks that make you talk. Such is the case, that this time he sports a red bomber and high waist leggings, accompanied by a sports top that combines with his tennis that will not go unnoticed. Finally to give a glamorous touch, very characteristic of the Jenner, sunglasses.


Emma Roberts

The beautiful Emma Roberts wears on this occasion leggings that are cool, with a touch of detail of die-cut and a bomber in orange tones, she always imposing trend and style We love Emma!


We hope that with these 5 looks we present you we have managed to motivate and inspire not to forget, to look beautiful when going to the gym.

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