5 tips to take care of your skin in winter

The skin is one of the most delicate parts of your body , especially if you are someone who has atopic or sensitive skin. For this reason, your skin and skin should occupy the priority positions in your daily care ranking. In this way and following a series of habits and respecting their natural characteristics, your skin will not only look prettier, healthier and more careful, it will also be stronger and protected against any type of aggression.

With changes in season and all that this entails, the skin suffers those aggressions that can affect it in many different ways. Each person is a world and pollen, sun or cold do not exert the same effect on all of us, just to give some examples, but it is true that no one is indifferent to them.

The cold and winter are very aggressive for the skin, but if we also add the meteorological characteristics of each region, such as snow, blizzards, humidity, fog and a long etcetera, we can not stay still and expect our skin to protect itself! That's why here we leave you 5 tips to take care of your skin in winter . Get to work and protect your skin!

5 tips to take care of your skin in winter

1. Hydrate your skin daily

Although it may seem obvious, it is not always true. Daily skin hydration should be a must on your daily to-do list . Whether in the morning, at night, after the gym or even while watching TV on the couch, picking up the moisturizer and applying it to your body will be a habit that both your skin and yourself will appreciate. She because she will feel better, more elastic, nourished and strong, and you because you will look more beautiful and vital.


Hydration will improve the internal and external structure of your skin , helping it to face the cold and its effects more effectively and strongly. This way it will not matter so much that it rains, snow or ice, if your skin and the skin of your body are reinforced, everything will be better!

And do not forget about the ingredients of the cream that you use: against more natural, better . Chemicals, parabens and over processed products do not benefit your skin, on the contrary, they make it more vulnerable and more prone to be affected. For this reason it is ideal to use paraben-free creams, rich in vitamins and made from, for example, rosehip oil or aloe vera.

2. Open up like an Eskimo

This advice is, perhaps, the most subjective because it is not the same to live a Canary winter as a winter in Andorra, but what we want to say is that you cover your skin and body very well of the cold. The moments when the cold gets tighter are the morning, early morning and night, so it is essential that you wrap yourself well during these stretches of the day.


Remember that saying" more layers that an onion "? Well, jokes aside, this is good advice to stay well protected from the cold. Gloves, for example, are one of your best allies if you live in cities where snow is a daily occurrence. If they are water insulating and with fleece interior, better still. The same thing happens with thick socks, booties and hats.

In fact, did you know that hands and head are the parts of the body where more heat is lost ? Look, if not, people who work with cold or those who live in extreme places such as Siberia or Patagonia. In short, being warm is good for the health of your body and your skin.

3.For this reason, if you want to look beautiful and well-groomed skin, you should take food that is focused on this goal. Put another way, your meals should be loaded with vitamins and minerals essential for the proper functioning of your body.


Fruits and vegetables are one of the most important sources of vitamins , because say the main one Some examples of vitamins that will go great to keep your body protected against the aggressions of the cold are vitamin C, present in citrus fruits and with a high antioxidant power, and D, included in blue fish. However, the most beneficial for your skin is, without doubt, vitamin A.

Vitamin A is often known as beta-carotene , once in the stomach and during the digestion, is transformed into them. Its main action is to regenerate body tissues, both internal and external, providing a strong and strong structure. That is why it is essential to have a healthy skin and is recommended in summer, for sunbathing, and in winter, to protect from the cold. The foods that contain it are, for example, carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes and sweet potatoes. If you notice, the fruits and vegetables that incorporate it are those that have a more vivid skin and colors. It will be something, right?

4. Drink water and hydrate

This advice is recommended for many situations and this could not be less. As with eating, drinking is also essential to have the body and skin in an optimal state. It is not a matter of drinking a strict and unique amount of water a day, we talk about keeping you hydrated on a regular basis . This way, your body will work better and your skin will notice.

water-drink -hydratate

Although it seems that no, this habit is very easy to incorporate into your day to day. The food you eat incorporates water, just like the infusions, coffees and drinks you eat. Put another way: It is not necessary to consume only glasses of pure water to hydrate you . The point is that you always do it without forcing yourself, but also not reaching the point of having a dry and pasty mouth.

5. Exercise and get active

Physical exercise, whether aerobic or anaerobic, is good for many things, including improving your skin . Every time you play sports, you activate your body and, what is better, you oxygenate your skin. Oxygenation helps your skin regenerate much more simply and naturally, in addition to reducing stress and improving its external and internal structure.

Do not forget the firmness and elasticity! With regular physical exercise, your skin will look firmer, elastic and toned, something that although not directly connected to the cold, it does interfere with the external structure and, therefore, the resistance of the skin .

girl running through the snow

And let's not forget your mood: this, directly or indirectly, interferes with your state of health. Therefore, if you are animated, you look more beautiful and feel physically better. With physical exercise, your health improves in all aspects, as endorphin levels increase and your mood grows considerably. In short, going to the gym is not only good to keep your line .

Are you ready to face the winter with desire? We hope that these tips help you to face the winter better and, above all, to protect your skin from the cold.