9 Food supplements to get ahead of Operation Bikini

Spring is around the corner from the corner. It's the perfect moment to get ahead of Operation Bikin i. Start preparing for the time to hang your coat and take out the good weather clothes. Know the best food and sports supplements to take care of you and optimize the results of your fitness training

1. Caffeine HSN Essentials

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It will help you avoid the fatigue that sometimes causes the spring asthenia and improve your energy level . This way you will be able to face your workouts with greater vitality and obtain the best performance of your work. If you are also a student, you will benefit from its properties to improve concentration and memory. It is currently one of the most used food supplements , because its properties go beyond the sports field.

2. Caffeine & Taurine Biotech

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Active mind and body thanks to the help of this supplement based on caffeine and taurine. A invaluable help to get ahead of Operation Bikini thanks to your help to increase your athletic performance. Another of the great benefits that its consumption reports is its help to burn fat and regulate the levels of sugars in blood. Do you think little? Well, it also has a powerful antioxidant effect that helps regenerate cells and improve the appearance of your skin.

3. Creatine Excell Creapure® HSN Raw

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It will help you boost the performance of your workouts by improving your athletic ability. Do you prepare to see yourself even better? These food supplements will help you look more toned improving lean muscle mass. In addition, it increases the ATP reserves. It is especially recommended if you practice HIIT training.

4.It will help you increase your strength and muscle mass as well as recover after each exercise session. This will allow you, if you wish, to increase the time of physical work with its consequent benefits without adding fatigue.

5. Evodrink HSN-Sport

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If you are looking for a isotonic beverage that is rich, refreshing and that brings you great benefits to drink during your sports sessions, you have already found it . Hydrates your body and prevents hypoglycemia while promoting your recovery. It will also help you maintain a good level of energy by maintaining muscle mass and promoting recovery after exercise.

6. Glutamine + BCAA Powder Amix


One of the best nutritional supplements for women athletes with delicious flavor of berries ideal to get ahead of the Operation Bikini. To dilute in water and take before and after each workout . Improves recovery after the same and establishes a better hormonal environment. In addition, it reduces muscle catabolism and improves the ratio of BCAAs.

7. L-Carnitine L-Tartrate HSN Essentials


These capsules suitable for those who follow a vegan diet are a perfect help to get ahead of Operation Bikini. They contribute to the metabolism of fats and to the protection of muscle mass. To make matters worse they have antioxidant properties and promote cardiovascular health.

8. Evolate 2.0 HSN Sports

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Take advantage of the benefits of this delicious protein food supplement. The best help for your muscles with delicious flavors such as strawberries and white chocolate, cheese cake and berries or cookies and cream, among others. If you work to tone your body it is a great help and with the best taste!

9.- Soypro Scitec Nutrition


This is one of the most recommended dietary supplements for athletes, this supplement made with soy protein rich in glutamine and branched amino acids that will help you take care of your muscles . To easily prepare rich smoothies that will help you enjoy the toned body you want.

With these food supplements it is very easy to get ahead of the Operation Bikini . Choose the right ones for you and get ready to enjoy the physical form you want with all the energy you need.

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