Charge your batteries with these vitamins to boost mood and energy

With the arrival of spring, environmental changes and daily demands, the body suffers and needs extra nutrients that you can not supply solely through food. Vitamin supplements to boost your spirits and give you a boost of energy are the help your body needs to get the most out of it every day !

HSN has created the pack Improve your mood , with four food supplements in the form of tablets. These vitamins for fatigue and stress are specially designed for the athlete woman. They are vitamins to raise your spirits and improve your well-being and your energy level. The help you need to feel better, revitalized and with the spirit strengthened.

Why is a good time of the year to take advantage of the Pack Improves Your Encouragement

vitamins-for-the-mood -and-energy-pack-improve-your-mind

  • These vitamins to raise your spirits help you combat spring asthenia and they will give you strength to continue with your sport routine.
  • It helps you to gain energy in a moment of important physical and mental demand. With summer getting closer we try to take care of ourselves and prepare our body, but work and routine can slow down our progress, the pack Improves your mood will give you all the energy you need.
  • Improve your positivity to the seasonal changes and other stress-causing problems.

Find out how these vitamins help you for mood and energy

The Pack Improves your mood is made up of vitamins for energy and mood in four complementary products that will help you get rid of stress and feel better .

L-Theanine 250mg - 120 veg caps of HSN Essentials


The trace element L-Theanine, from tea, has recognized properties as relaxing and as favoring element of I dream , as necessary for rest as for vital processes of the organism. Did you know that poor sleep contributes to weight gain?

It is also a great help to improve cognitive performance . This is especially interesting if you have a high intellectual requirement for studies or work. Complete the day at full capacity will be possible with this help.

Among the main benefits of this vitamin to raise the mood is the improvement of emotional state . And actively contributes to the protection of the cardiovascular system and against obesity. There are other manufacturers of L-Theanine, such as Now Foods, whose products are very popular among all those who try it.

Vitamin B Complex - 120 tabs of HSN Essentials

vitamins-for-the-mood -y-energy-vitamin-b-complex

Very interesting group B vitamins complex that contribute to the best performance of the nervous system and optimal psychological functions as well as the reduction of tiredness and fatigue . These vitamins to boost mood and energy help you improve your metabolism while maintaining vitality.

They are a great help to improve your immune system and for the protection of your skin, mucous membranes and cardiovascular system.It also helps to elevate the mood by minimizing fatigue and fatigue helping to improve your state of concentration and increase your athletic performance .

It's a effective enemy of cortisol, one of the hormones that cause stress. And it helps promote hormonal balance. Solgar is a brand specialized in this type of products, and has its own Ashwagandha tablets that share all the qualities with those of HSN.

Vitamin D3 4000IU - 120 pearls of HSN Essentials

Vitamin D3 4000IU - 120 pearls of HSN Essentials

vitamins-for -the-mood-and-energy-vitamin-d-4000IU

Vitamin D is essential for the body. This supplement is especially indicated for the athlete and active person covering their daily needs for this vitamin.

Among its many benefits is the maintain proper muscle function and favor the absorption of nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus, which help strengthen the bone system as well as improve memory. R-Nutrition also has very effective vitamin D3 capsules.

This season beware of these vitamins for mood and energy . The Improves your mood pack allows you to take advantage of the combined benefits of these supplements to improve your levels of vitality, avoid stress and combat fatigue and fatigue. Take advantage of it!

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