Running with heat: the best tips so that summer does not slow you down

Running with heat is a plus of added difficulty to running training. But running in the summer often means doing it at a higher temperature than desired. Knowing how to run with heat is essential to take measures that allow you to train without this posing a risk to health.

Tips for running with heat

Run at dawn

The best time to run in the summer is at sunrise . Even in the so-called tropical nights, those in which the minimum temperature is above 20ºC, is the coolest hour of the day.

Although some people prefer to run at dusk, you should keep in mind that at that time The asphalt has absorbed heat throughout the day. Therefore, although the environmental temperature may seem lower, running on the street involves running with heat.


Consider running indoors

Do you usually prefer to run? outdoors that on tape? It may cost you to change your habit. But if your schedules force you to run with excessive heat at hours close to noon, a good option to continue training is to do it indoors.

Running in summer on tape will allow you to do it in the shade. And you can even do it in a heated space . Or, at least, near a fan.

Look for cool, shady places to run with heat more pleasantly

Do you want to run outdoors despite the heat? Look for routes with shadow . Running a wooded area will always be cooler than doing it with an asphalt track in full sun. If the floor is also land, better.

A urban park can be a good place to run with heat. Not only will you have shade, but there will also be a public fountain where you can get wet and wrists if you need to slightly lower your body temperature. And there may even be an area where the irrigation sprinklers are working and which serves to cool you down.

Slow down and run for effort

Running with heat implies a greater effort at all levels. Why force yourself to keep pace with training for the rest of the year? Value the effort your body makes. This is what you should weigh, and not if you have kept the usual rhythm. After all, all training is based in one way or another on the effort, do not you think?

Strengthen your hydration


A proper hydration is essential in all training. Running with heat does not change it, but it does force you to be more scrupulous in this regard. You can run with a hydration pack. Or do it with the system you use regularly. But keep in mind that your needs will be greater, because it will also be greater the fluid you lose during training.

What can you do in this case to strengthen your hydration?

  • Reinforce your hydration before the race. You may not be used to drinking before you start running. But running with heat in a healthy way requires changing some habits.
  • Exit with more liquid or gel in your bottle.
  • Run a route where you can stock up on more drink . For example if you leave her in your car halfway.Do not settle for drinking water. Remember that you will have lost electrolytes and you should recover them.

Wear appropriate clothing to run with heat

The equipment is not an accessory. Clothing has a function beyond fashion. Running with heat with the same equipment that in winter is neither logical nor appropriate.

Currently there are very breathable materials ideal for running with heat . Choose loose clothing, despite what may seem, also helps improve the body's aeration. Bet on the use of technical clothing , as it is specifically designed to improve the runner's experience; It is lightweight, breathable, comfortable and seamless to avoid chafing.


Try to also use light-colored clothing . Dark colors absorb the sun's rays and quickly catch heat. In contrast, light colors repel these. Therefore, wearing white or light and soft colors in summer allows you to be and feel cooler.

Protect yourself from the sun

Protect yourself from the sun by running in summer, unless you do it at night. Cap, sunglasses and sunscreen with UV-UVB filter for the skin are essential.

Try to use sports sunglasses They are specially indicated for sports, so they are safer and lighter.

As for sunscreens, there are currently specific products for athletes . What is special about it? They are more resistant to sweat, they do not form an annoying film on the skin and they are applied in spray so that there is not even a point without protection.

Control your health when running in summer

Currently the use of wearables is very popular. Running with heat supposes an overexertion for the organism. So you have the peace of mind that you are not forcing your body above the limit of health you can use these devices.
Fit wristbands, smart sports watches and other wearables allow you to control issues like your heart rate .

Avoid running in contaminated areas


Although it is something that you should always keep in mind, inside the tips to run with heat is not to do it in specially polluted areas. With the heat the hot air descends and the pollution concentrates in areas closer to the ground. That means they are in the area where the air is breathable.

If it is always important to run out of contaminated areas, running with heat increases this need. If you can, run through a rural area or near the sea . You will breathe cleaner air even on the hottest days of the year.

Running with warmth means taking steps so that training remains a healthy exercise. But these measures are simple and easy to apply. Put them into practice and do not give up running in summer.

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