The best accessories and fitness apps for the Kindle Fire tablet


Who would not like to have a personal trainer and a nutritionist at your disposal 24 hours a day? And to ask, it would also be good to have a coach , for those rainy days that costs to go out to the gym to go to the gym , or those days when you are late to work and a long training session is still waiting for you. Well attention girls, the Kindle Fire tablet will become your best fitness partner (and yes, also in the most economical). In this blogpost we will introduce you fitness apps that you can not miss to have a real personal trainer, nutritionist and coach. Also, without forgetting the accessories plus trendy to give our touch fitnai esoessenfemenino .

The best apps for your kindle tablet

one. Nexercise

Competition race

Nexercise is an interactive app offering a exercise guide to do where you want, when you want and no equipment in less than 5 minutes . With this tool you can measure and carry a periodic control of physical activity . The grace of this app is that it raises objectives (to lose weight) as if it were a game. In addition, you can compete with your coworkers and friends . Each challenge is a physical exercise, the more challenges you achieve the more points you earn.

This app will become your best ally if you are one of those that costs you to motivate them ... If you really want to get in shape in a more fun way this is your opportunity. The application is only in English .

What do the users say? logo nexercise

The preferred app for those who find it difficult to motivate themselves but who will be challenged. It has come to change the habits of many users. It allows a detailed control of physical activity. It is also an application that listens a lot to your subscribers through social networks and considers all the changes that are proposed

Free application and available for your Kindle Fire

2. Daily Workouts

personal trainer

Your own personal trainer will be where you are , exclusive to Amazon. This application has more than 350 different exercises of between 5 and 10 minutes focused on working a part of the body (you can choose to work: abdominals, arms, ass, cardio, legs, buttocks, stretches, pilates or kettlebells). You can also choose training routines of between 10 and 30 minutes to work the whole body.And with only a few minutes a day you can get to tone your entire body.

The interface is simple and the routine is complemented with a video and timer to follow and understand perfectly home exercise. Available in Spanish. Application daily workouts

What do users say?

Users who have tried this app confirm its effectiveness and the ability to get in shape without even stepping on the gym. The videos are the strong point of the app and the division of the exercises by muscle group also.

Free application and available for your Kindle Fire

3. Daily Yoga - Weight Loss and Stress Relief

girl doing yoga

Y for those who like Yoga we recommend the app for Kindle Fire Daily Yoga. Whether you want to delve into a five-minute workout or a 45-minute workout . The best feature of the app are the high definition videos with step-by-step instructions. In addition, Daily yoga can help you stay motivated by connecting with others through a community.

The yoga postures that the app explains are aimed at weight loss

strong>, more than other yoga applications. In addition, you can choose between different training intensities. You can also focus on the abdominal muscles, chest, back and other "problem areas."

Another of the most remarkable aspects is the number of yoga postures (up to 400) and a voice guide for to be able to do postures comfortably .

What do users say? app-daily-yoga

Excellent. Without a doubt the most complete with a lot of postures very well explained. It is better for yogis with some experience.

Free download and available for your Kindle Fire

Four. GPS and ViewRanger Maps


And for those that > you like more the trekking we bring you an application that can not miss in your Kindle Fire tablet. You will discover thousands of routes , you can download topographic maps in detail and you will even be able to record your adventure and even if you want it, you can share it with others!

The best thing about this application is that it uses the GPS of the device without the need of data or coverage to locate you .

What do the users say?  gps and viewranger maps

Works perfectly on tablets and smartphones. The only drawback is that it does not calculate the expenditure of calories. The positive: the maps have a lot of detail (although they are usually paid).

Free download and available for your Kindle Fire

Lose it!

Screens of the app lose it

Lose it! is one of the best rated apps and most popular to lose weight. This app is designed to achieve a goal : help you lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way. There are no magic pills or crazy diets. A simple and easy to use app that will help you keep track of calories consumed.

An effective application based on proven principles. In addition, the app connects you with other people, device and information that you will need to know to reach your goals.In addition, most users are satisfied with the results of the diets.

Free application and available for your Kindle Fire

5. Weight Meter, Lose Weight

With this app, intuitive and easy to use you can control your weight from your tablet Kindle Fire . This App will allow you to create different profiles, register your weight and calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index) and even the body fat percentage. You can see the evolution through graphics and statistics and it will also help you to motivate yourself and reach your ideal weight.

It has other very useful features such as the reminder "Do not forget to weigh yourself" or the possibility of importing and export csv files to your computer.

What users say

A practical and easy to use application that will probably meet your expectations. A good app to keep a daily control of the diet. However, you should have an automatic synchronization with Google.

Payment application and available for your Kindle Fire

6. My diet Coach - Pro

My Diet Coach is more of an personal assistant to achieve your weight loss goals with help and advice . This application, available in Spanish, will allow you to register and make a daily control of everything you eat. I will offer you advice on nutrition, motivating phrases so you do not get discouraged and suggestions to avoid falling in front of sweet cravings or eating out of anxiety. In addition, you can activate alerts reminder to drink water every half hour or eat a healthy snack every time.

Watch your evolution through interactive graphics . It will challenge you to make your body move more or eat healthier (for example: climb the stairs of the house X times a day, drink X glasses of water ... you put the amount). Some challenges that will be addictive. As more challenges you fulfill more points you will win. With these points you get clothes to dress your avatar (a paper girl).

What the users say app amazon my diet coach

Most users agree on what is a very useful application. They point out the possibility of writing down challenges related to your diet and well-being, which will be almost addictive meet to earn points. They also highlight the possibility of setting alarms so as not to neglect any essential food for your diet.

Payment application and available for your Kindle Fire

The most fitness and trendy accessories for your Kindle Fire table

1. Pink cases

And we can not leave aside the most "feminine" part of the blog. We have searched for the best accessories for your Kindle Fire tablet and without a doubt the color par excellence: the pink:

accessories kindle fire

And for those who like reading more ... New Kindle e-reader

fitness girl reading with the new kindle e-reader

Who said that sports and reading were at odds? The new E-reader Kindle is here and comes with many new features and accessories compatible with fitness.It has dimensions of 160 mm x 115 mm x 9.1 mm and a light weight of 161 grams. To give you an idea, it will fit in your jacket pocket and even in the back pockets of your pants. So if you are one of those in your suitcase to go to the gym does not fit even a needle, with the new kindle the space will no longer be an excuse and you can take it in the gym to read while doing exercise on the treadmill , the elliptical or the static bicycle.

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