Vitamin C in summer: all the benefits of vitamin C in the skin

There are many false myths about vitamin C in summer, but what we know for sure is that it is a necessary nutrient for our body and not only internally and functionally. The benefits of vitamin C on the skin are important, especially at this time of year. Knowing how it really helps you take care of your skin will allow you to banish false beliefs and understand the importance of vitamin C in your day to day life.

Vitamin C in summer , why is it necessary to take care of your skin?

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant


The oxidation of the skin ages the same and worsens its appearance. It is therefore necessary to provide the body with antioxidant elements. Vitamin C has a powerful antioxidant capacity , and therefore is an essential nutrient for skin care.

Vitamin C in summer is more necessary because the skin suffers a greater oxidant effect at this time of year. This is due mainly to the action of UVA radiation . But other factors also influence. Among them, the environmental dryness on airplanes when you travel. Or the long time spent in the water of the sea or the pool.

Contributes to the unification of skin color and tone

One of the benefits of vitamin C in the skin is the mattifying ability of the tone . Contrary to what urban legends and false myths say, do you worry that the tone of your tan is uniform and you want to minimize the appearance of spots on the skin ? Then, you must provide vitamin C in summer to your body.

It is an effective dermal firming agent

The importance of vitamin C in firming the skin is key to keep this healthy and young. The reason? This element has the ability to increase collagen synthesis . Thus, it stimulates the fibers that participate in its synthesis to make the skin more elastic . Also, so your skin will be firmer and smoother . And it will look younger, healthy and attractive .

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But not only skin needs collagen. It is important to remember that this is essential for the good condition of your joints . Taking vitamin C in summer will help you take care of both of them.

Vitamin C is an adjunct to various skin problems

It is scientifically proven that the Vitamin C is a coadjuvant in the fight against acne and rosacea . This last problem usually becomes more evident with extreme heat and chlorinated water. Therefore, taking vitamin C in summer is especially necessary if you have it.

How to take vitamin C in summer that your body needs

The best way to take vitamin C in summer is through supplementation . The reason is that through food it is practically impossible to get to the body the amount of vitamin C that the skin needs. You can not eat more than a pound and a half of papaya a day. Nor take two liters of orange juice daily.

  • Vitamin C 500mg capsules : it is a great way to take vitamin C in summer. Effective and practical . It's light and easy to transport if you're traveling . And also you can take it comfortably at home .Simply should be diluted in water or juice for your intake. So simple and totally effective.


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Apart from the Vitamin C supplements , there are many other supplements that can be very useful in your day to day life. Remember the importance of vitamin C in summer and take the necessary to restore and improve the condition of your skin .

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