World Fitness: "Doing business and doing what you love are two very compatible things"

Mundo Fitness was born in 2010 as a multi-brand store of fitness machines, betting very strongly on online commerce as the main channel.

"Little by little, and as that we started to get to know our users and to be clear about where and how to find them, we began to create what is now the digital fitness community Nº1 in Spain. "

In addition, Mundo Fitness has a physical store with a showroom of 600m2 in Barcelona. We interviewed Steven Essink, the CEO of Mundo Fitness, who at 23 years old founded this company at the height of the economic crisis. Steven tells us how he has come to turn Mundo Fitness into the preferred option of his users.

Tell us more about "the Mundo Fitness project"

Steven Essink: We are a team of young people who, at the time, set out to create a new concept of gym machines for private users, highly specialized and that bet a lot on the added value of providing a professional service and personalized. In short, a store "two point zero", which could interpret the needs of the market to create an attractive and differential shopping experience.

Thanks to this attitude and the experience lived in the early days, it emerged Mundo Fitness online community, a different space where we can talk and learn from customers to expand our range of services.

We realized that our client was facing a complicated purchasing process, in which not only do you have to choose the best possible product, but also, it must be the most appropriate.

First, we decided to create our YouTube channel with tutorials and tips, and later the Facebook page arrived, which It became the hard core of a community that has already spread to all social networks where topics related to fitness and well-being are discussed.

And from here, how would you describe it? to Mundo Fitness?

SE: rong> Not a store, not a community. It is the sum of the two things.

And how is that?

SE: To this day, only emphasis had been placed on improving and distinguishing itself by the quality of the product. From my point of view, we are at a time when almost all major brands offer a similar product quality. We realized that now it's time to put the user at the center of the whole process, and that's why we maintain a business that relies on the loyalty and affection of its customers, obtained through the exercise of honesty and transparency in the service what we offer.

What is a "two point zero" store?

SE: A normal day starts with a cup of coffee and turning on the computer. Every day we have to take care of the orders, send the products, talk with the transports, to make sure that the customer receives the product in a timely manner.

But the most fun of the day comes when you open the Facebook and you see 30 new messages, in addition to the thousands of likes and comments that you generated in the post you posted last night. It really is a huge satisfaction for us to be able to answer so many and varied questions about food, training routines, health and wellness advice, recommendations from trusted personal trainers, or doubts about brands or models of fitness machines and accessories.

But I would lie to you if I did not tell you that the greatest joy is watching the spectacular daily growth of the community.

How important is your investment in marketing?

SE: The user is demanding and demands quality levels to which we have to respond in the best possible way. That's why we listen to them and learn from them so we can give them our best.For example, you will see that most blog articles are accompanied by images, drawings and original content such as the one I share with you to include in this article.

And from now on, which one? Is the strategy of Mundo Fitness?

SE: Keep listening and keep learning from users and our customers.

Video from the interview with the founder of Mundo Fitness

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